We are Workmoose

We like to build stuff. Be it a neat website or webapp, a tailor made mobile service or any other crazy tech related project. We also like things that are pretty and well designed. Essentially, we love stuff that works smooth and efficiently. In this philosophy we aim for the most elegant solution to a problem. Combine this with a sharp eye for design and you end up with the Workmoose formula.

Similar to a workhorse, this is the Canadian and therefore stronger, tougher and more useful version.

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The future is in mobile applications, and we can make your idea part of that future. Let's make an impact on how people experience their mobile device.

We have developers with knowledge in both Android and iOS. Do not settle for one platform when you can reach the whole crowd.

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We like to use strong frameworks to build our products. Just to name a few, we are big fans of Angular.js and Ruby on Rails. The possibilities are endless and the only limitations are imposed by human creativity.

We can design and develop your personal webpage, webshop or other web application. Furthermore, we offer custom hosting that fits the requirements of your product.

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About us


Head of Hosting
iOS Magician
Web Dev


Master of Coin
Front End Ninja
Project Overlord


Android Wizard
Javascript Juggler


Our secret hideout is located somewhere in Amsterdam. If you wish to contact us, you can reach us at: info@workmoose.nl

Or use our form! Tell us about your idea and ask us about our terms and fees!

Send us a message!

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